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When I was a kid I used to read kids' encyclopedias before bed. I was that nerd. I've always found the way our bodies work to be interesting. I took biology throughout high school because of that. I carried it through university until I had to make a call:

Writing or Science?

I knew I wanted a writing career but was shattered I couldn't keep science with me forever. It was a needless conflict because I know now that there is a desperate need for the two combined. As I advanced in my journalism career I realized how separate people are from the science that arguably impacts them the most - their health.

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"Jessica has a natural talent for writing, research and analysis. Her foray into copywriting adds another layer to her skills. With the tenacity to take her content production into digital platforms, she has skilled herself in the few short years that I have known her, to provide an all-round dynamic offering."

Shanthini Naidoo, Content Expert at Discovery Limited, author of Women in Solitary & former writer at the Sunday Times

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