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When I was a kid I used to read kids' encyclopedias before bed. I was that nerd. I've always found the way our bodies work to be interesting. I took biology throughout high school because of that. I carried it through university until I had to make a call:

Writing or Science?

I knew I wanted a writing career but was shattered I couldn't keep science with me forever. It was a needless conflict because I know now that there is a desperate need for the two combined. As I advanced in my journalism career I realized how separate people are from the science that arguably impacts them the most - their health.

Journalists and health brands alike are tasked with closing that gap and educating the world's people on their innermost workings. Everything from understanding life-threatening conditions and carcinogens to why their hair falls out can be explained by the intimate science that is biology.

And if I can share that knowledge with people who are overwhelmed and scared by the vast looming Unknown, I consider my job done, and more rewarding than any other path I could've chosen.

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