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Copywriting experience

After four years of storytelling through journalism I came across copywriting. For those who aren't familiar with the term, 'copywriting' refers to all the text written for anything from marketing communications, to blog posts and social media. Businesses rely on copywriters for snappy pay-off lines, blog posts that boost sales, and polished spelling and grammar.

Through working at a strategic branding agency I unlocked a wealth of knowledge on the power of storytelling for brands. We live in a world overrun by advertising, each brand vying for attention in the digital realm. When the market is flooded with loud competitors, your voice and your story matter. Potential customers are spoilt for choice, and your brand's voice is what will set it apart and get consumers to choose YOU. It's not about products and services any more. It's about authenticity, and voice.

That's where I come in. As a storyteller first and foremost, and as a copywriter, I pay attention to what it is you want to convey, and how best to do it in a way that aligns with your brand's purpose and personality.

My copywriting experience is as follows.


SimCeramics is a South African porcelain jewellery store. The lovely Sim is the owner, and she hand crafts every piece. I have worked with Sim on her social media and her website copy, with a focus on refining her existing voice.


HKLM is a creative branding agency with a focus on strategy and brand design. I have worked with them on everything from proofreading brand guidelines, writing blog posts, running the social media, and generating copy for emailers, product names, and marketing.

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