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Copywriting & Content Writing

I began my copywriting career in 2019. While I'm relatively new to the field, I've found great joy in it. Through working at a branding agency I've really come to understand the power of words in branding and marketing. Words can make or break anything from advertising and sales to relationships with employees or customers. When a friend of mine asked for my help on her website, I couldn't resist. The thrill of refining her ideas and her voice into a concise, consistent style was like nothing else, and I want you to experience that, too.


I began my journalism career in 2016, occasionally writing for the Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine. Since then I have written an array of profiles, memoirs, book reviews, opinions, popular science articles, and blogposts, published by a number of media houses including, the Sunday Times Lifestyle magazine, Bite-sized Science, and corporate blogs.


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